Blog #5 Digital Blurring

This week was about Digital Blurring. By this, we mean that the technology we use in our everyday lives, helps us learn skills that we can apply to other parts of our lives.

I do a lot of photo taking and video recording and I sometimes combine these photos and videos to make home movies. It never occurred to me, that the skills that I am learning by doing this, can then be transferred to my teaching. By learning video and photo editing skills, I will be able to create digital stories and videos to use in the classroom. These may relate to any subject that I choose.

Computer gaming, blogging and social networking are other examples of unintentional learning of skills. By using virtual worlds, students can learn about co-operation and creating a sense of community within the class (Howell, 2013). The image below links to a site called Primary World, which has lots of virtual world games for primary aged students.

primary world game

One of our tasks this week was to create a Sploder game. This is an animated game using Flash technology. It took a bit of time but I managed to create a basic arcade game. I did follow the instructional video, but it still took me quite a while to work out how to save the game. I spent a lot of time looking online instead for instructions on how to save and publish it. Perhaps a save button at the top of the game may have made the game more user friendly. Click on the image below to have a try.

sploder game


Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT: Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity. South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University.


One thought on “Blog #5 Digital Blurring

  1. Creating a game is a lot more difficult and time consuming than it sounds! Having to create a theme and characters- what is the layout going to be. I liked your game, was very sweet! not too difficult for a child to play 🙂 see you online!!


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