Response to Peer feedback

Responding to peer feedback was an interesting exercise which was new to me and which I found very valuable. My peers and I were to form ourselves into groups of three and then conduct a review of each other’s blogs, using the blog rubric.

Jamie Zelazko and Michelle Hanson marked my blog and links to their feedback documents are below.

Jamie and Michelle were both very generous in their comments, but also constructive in their feedback. It is amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see that the writer cannot. Both peers noted that I should include more information on how each week affected my own learning; how my learning had changed, from the start of this subject up until now. On reflection, I do agree with their comments and have made changes accordingly. My punctuation was something else that needed work.  That is something that I was surprised to see, as I always thought I was quite proficient with punctuation, but on re-checking my blogs, I found that this was also good feedback, which has now hopefully been addressed. More could be done to better reflect my personality, to relate my posts to teaching strategies and include links to more theory. I have tried to revise my blogs to include more of these things. Thankyou Jamie and Michelle.

Peer Marking from Jamie Zelazko

Peer Marking from Michelle Hanson


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